So you read my previous post and said “Whatever, I don’t want to mix baking soda poultices”. That’s fine because there are so many options for countertops that don’t require stain lifting. Please don’t limit yourself to Home Depot’s selection of materials (not that there’s anything wrong with Home Depot because we really do love them) it’s just that the world is a big beautiful place and our global market allows you to find some really awesome things. Granite doesn’t just come in white, black and browns and frankly you can top your cabinets with whatever material you want. I feel like I bogged you down with too much technical content in my last post so I just want to share a few pictures of some beautiful granites our current clients were shopping over the weekend.  They eventually settled on an absolutely gorgeous quartzite stone.  We will be sharing their before and after as soon as their job is complete.  EXCITING!



Alright, I know that’s not the prettiest slab but I thought those dudes in the background looked hot (temperature was scorching) so I figured I’d share.




Matching tile to stone is always fun.