I love history.  History can be 1 year ago, 35 years ago or 1000 years ago.  A home is where families create their own memories, histories and legacies.  I love older homes because they tell stories.  A house is shelter, but a home is the backdrop to our memories.  A home sets the stage to the memories we are creating for our families through first steps, birthday parties, holiday celebrations, and even caring for aging parents.  My home is not just my husband and I’s personal refuge, it’s where we’ve chosen to paint pictures in our children’s minds of the love we have for them and that’s the history we want them to live to tell.

I’m a wife. I’m a mother. I’m a career woman. For as long as I can remember I’ve had a passion for home restoration and interior design. My mom loved decorating and rearranging furniture and I would help. We would spend many Saturdays driving around visiting “open houses” and new home constructions. All those years of what my mother and I considered to be free entertainment really did teach me more than I realized about construction and design.

Like many parents today, my husband and I both work outside the home to earn a living for our family. We try to be as reasonable as possible when making purchases which is why we bought the house we did to live in. For us, what was most important in buying a family home was the availability of good schools and safety. Many didn’t understand why we bought this house because they thought it was old and ugly and where we live, newly built homes are plentiful. We could see past our homes dated exterior and saw a quality built home that told a story.  The original owner kept copious notes and microfilm (yes, microfilm) of his building and design process.  He left behind the history of the home!

With the above being said, I decided to start this blog because so many people who’ve seen our house have asked “how did ya’ll do that?”  In a way, this blog is our answer.  We do have years of experience repairing and renovating homes so we aren’t entirely new to this process. There are parts of our work that we DIY, and parts that we subcontract out but design and ideas are 100% Madelen Christopher (my husband and I.)

If you’d like assistance in designing your homes history, click on the “contact us” link and shoot me an email.